Will European Union ever again be known as Entrepreneurial Union

As a diaspora Scot I would love to see European youth have as much jobs opportunity
in co-creating futures as other youth around the world-
if you have a similar passion why not write me at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
2016 is 40th year since dad Norman Macrae started curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist (25 December 1976)
mapping 3 biliion new jobs needed if the borderless net generarton (tiday's half of the world population aged under 30) is to be sustainable 

help map connections of jobs for global youth , sustainability goals and china capitalism;;;

FALL 2016-global youth rate very weak showing of European G20 at Hangzhou with exception of Italian Prime Minister


online library of norman macrae--


10 ways Europe became the least entrepreneurial union for youth to be chained to -  even if you are german;

contrast china as epicentre of the most entreprenurial hemisphere of the net genrartaion, how did china become epicentre of most of sustainable worlds most valuable brands - see www.worldclassbrands.tv 


we use the defintion of entrepreneurial used by Keynsians and alumni of Glasgow's Adam Smith and James Wilson at The Economist for most of the 20th century- namely transparency of system design to exponentially/sustainably increase the livelhood potentials of the next generation -=reference pope francis strastbourg why design system that rewards haggard infertile grandmothers


10 since the common currency is designed to maximise german exports and miminimse countries that most needed a relatively devalued exchange rate, there are some advantages to being a german youth but even these no longer outweigh EURO's terrifying system faults

9 failure of original purpose- huh? -maximising lack of peace at boundaries; the acid test of any system's exponential goodwill is at its boundaries- THE EU created a perfect system to destroy ukraine (and likely Turkey) in its need to enjoy safe partnerships east and west; EU southern boundaries are doubly disastrous creating the most friailof european economies just where the immigrant issue needs the highest quality maintenance

8 in 2003  the Brussels fund manager for research into valuing trust closed down - the final declaration being politicians dont think the public care about this research; it wont be renewed until 3 European Enrons hit in the smae year; when much more that that hit europe across the subprimed world of 2008 onwards, the restoration of hi-trust auditing research never happened;

7 keynes proved austeritry economics is absolutely disastrous but because the only winners of the subprimed property value chain were the gemans, this most dismal way of pied pipering the continent's youth has been derigeur -so much for the EU being a democratic construct 

6 its not just the financial misjustices of subprime that continue to deprive small enterprises and youth startups of funding ; and sideline families with communities that invest enough to develop children and intergenerationa love; we see the tax evasion as a Big Euronorm, the house of red cards that fifa became backed up by the swiss banking syndrome and its germanic love affair with secrecy

5 the eu buereucracy has a fatal attraction to standardisation that is a folie  majeur- 21st C places need their own diverse job creation investment not the top-down of european funds however much they noisily claiom to be about level playing fiields- to fund a nation's manufacturers to generically produce more stuff is the most uneconomic thing you can do unless there are free (low cost) market channels - moreover europe's bigger nations are themselves too large for topping down one national jobs creation policy- so the european union doubly destroys the brand reality of local up development of entrepreneurial flow that a place needs to empower jobs for youth

4 Europe is governed by the greatest ponzi schemes imaginable supporting the elderly through unaffordable pensions and health services- and the populationn bubbles of most euro-countries afre disastrous- while half of the whole world is under 20; in some euro-countries the median age rises to mid forties- work out what the proportion of working age to retired people this produces- and thats assuming there are jobs for that countries youth- all of this spins more wildly as youth leave euro-nations where youth are so disvalued anyway

3 the opportunity of the net generation was to steablish collaborative trading systems around a social service solutions which every community needs to empower- NB no place needs to patent social microfranchises- take an example: wherever a best solution to prevent youth suicides iis found there is nothing to patent there is everything to share; listen to mayors discuss this at annual updates of goal 11 sustainable cities and communities

2 the post industrial revolution's only form of growth IS investing in people; be very clear it was not about thing age consumption - while thing age consumption requires big get biger policies, and extracting things even if this causes wars as your country needs mire natural resources than nature hgave it- the post-industrial economy needed to be designed around exactly opposite maths than the auditing of extracting things 

 1 the europe of 2017

=2017 has one last chance-  citizens across Europe's mainland need to realise they will be the biggest loser of the brexit if tarif walls are built around the brits- for decades to come the 3 languages youth most need to speak apart from their mother tongue are chinese, coding and english- an eu that lessons its youth abilities to celebrate the world orf learing that is still mostly written up in eng;ish, will turn europe from its prizing jobs  to the fastest destruction of civilataion and development capacity of the 21st century- is that where brussels, berlin and luxembourg intend their bonfire of vanities to chain pan-europe youth; pause for reflection - the french origin of entreprenerial can yet be the most important term in global youth's language but only if those policies that the EU spirals which rate 0 out of 100 for sustaianability goals and colaborations of youth become a curriculum of enlightenment connecting teachers and students all over Europe

 the franciscan system design view -POP (Preferential Option Poor) - requires professionals and faith leaders to go live and learn with the poorest giviing preferential application of technology to solutions those living in disadvantaged communities need most; pretty much every golden rule religion - catholic, muslim, jewish, scottish free kirk, basptist, quaker values POP- so how did this faith get exoricsiued from the corridors of brussels and when will every european media turn a light on brussels as not just the accidental breeding ground oj jihadists but many other degradations of youth sustainability 

 ON 18 september, @UN, New York 30 countries debate the most future market of thehm all - education at the UN - with proud excpetions of Norway and Scoiland, where are education commissioners from the continental ,mainland to be found? why do we the peoples of Europe up put with such closed ways of valuing youth that Europe has now become dictator numero uno 





 Trillion Dollar Audit Diary -each month starting from Dec 2015 we update world recoird job creating cases linked by a trillion dollar market

 - December 2015 food, coming january peace, rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo,co.uk (washington dc region 301 881 1655 if your

urgent collaboration diary can linkin with ours : partners in publishing world record book of job creation


Is the Pope Europe's Bravest Leader? http://www.investingforthepoor.org/  Why did the pope describe Europe as an 'unfertile grandmother'?  ... welcome correspondence

  • The Guardian - 6 hours ago
    “The great ideas which once inspired Europe seem to have lost their attraction, only to be ...
  • We appeal to all parents of the millennial generation

    whither Europe space of social actioning humanity's greatest ideas or

    places of dismal borders pied pipered by big bureacucracy?

    Any gap between what the millennial generation

    could be working on and where it is being spun has to be analysed as primarily

    a systemic failure of politicians and their macroeconomic advisers.

    Let's revisit The Economist's curriculum of Entreprebneurial Revolution.

    2015 will be 44th year of debating whether peoples of the new millennium

    and first net generations can  be just in time in seeing

    macroeconomics as disgraceful political chincanery 

     correspondence welcome isabella@uanacknowledgedgiant.com

    Partners in World Record Book of Job Creation  ValueTrue.com , WomenUni.com



    online library of norman macrae--

    Chris Macrae uploaded a file.

    Healthy societies develop thriving economies not vice versa. Until World War 2 this was axiomatic to economics -see Keynes. After World War 2 most of the West's developed nations got taken over by opposite sorts of systems. Can worldwide millennials free themselves from the haggard infertile grandmother archetype of Brussels EU http://entrepreneurialunion.com or the maddening behaviours of Wall Streets Too big to exist banks? Fortunately nations which have been the poorest in...

    See More


     Healthy societies generate strong economies not vice versa - tales of world banker and global social value leader -

    Transcript: Vatican Press Conference with World Bank ... 

    World Bank
    Oct 28, 2013 - Transcript of press conference with World Bank Group President Jim ... World Bank Group President Kim and Pope Francis Meet to Discuss

     Valuing Millennials:  Alumni Webs - Who's Micro-up Who and How's Collaboration How


    Kim -alumni web ? sharing prosperity 

    Abed 1 2

    Soros 1  2 3

    Yunus  twin-capitals jobs-olympics?   Grameen MediatorDhaka,BransonAtlanta


    Asia M

    Americas M

    Africa M

    Gandhi family


    Samara, Khan elearning platforms ...

    Ma and Lee

    H: Health






    Health millennials boston and .

    Peace-health millennials - tokyo, rome melbourne atlanta ...


    Medicines sans frontieres and flying doctor models





    Gandhi Montesorri


    Blecher Partners


    Soros open society

    Gorbachev and Rome


    MIT and media lab (edu)

    Khan Academy

    Coursera on demand -world bank OLC

    Gordon Dryden

    Ihubs run by tech

    Ma and Lee and MIT partners

    B: Banking

    Brac triple model

    Grameen's pre digital model

    Jamii Bora slum model

    Mpesa and bkash models and MIT wizards

    Kiva and puddle models

    Partners of Nabard -Intel agribanks for poorest

    Aflatoun financial literacy at primary

    Global association of banks with values

    Australia 10000 girls model

    Identifying pro-youth banks of microfranchises - convergence of role of bank, uni and mobile

    Nanocredit and woemn4empowerment

    Currencies bottom up and intergenerational rising beyond borders - soros  ineteconomics

    N: Nutrition - food and water security

    Alumni of Borlaug and Nippon Institute

    Abed and chief crop science

    Yunus most local nutrition- every bank branch with veg garden

    Polak - Dlab from treadle pumps to bottom up multinationals including water angels1

    Grameen Intel and other eagri partners

    Ethiopian coop models of eg blessed coffee

    Ethiopia fair commodity exchange

    Aquaponics and locally processed nutrition- slow food celebrity chefs

    Other superorganics of beyond carbon world

    Water angels 2 eg bon agua networks round foz



    E: Energy green and zero waste

    Neville Williams and solar learning curves since carter

    Alumni of Ray Anderson- almost any sector can profitably free itself from carbon energy in half a generation


    Biogas ovens a billion

    Solar a billion models yunus and









    OT: Open Tech


    Media Labs

    Ma & Lee - webnow

    Open Source Pracs

    Risk Ilabs








    MT$: Trillion  $ models of sustainability rising exponentials

    30000 microfranchise - celebrate with public media

    Debate whose purpose for each sector leads empower millennial livelihoods and sustainability most

    Yunus and the jobs olympics model of 100% social business

    51%+ social business partnerships

    BRAC value chain redesign model

    KIM value chain redesign model

    Soros billionnaires who plant leapfrog models

    Polak bottom up miltinational model

    Ma redesign partners of internet can be so much bigger model

    W4E models

    Continent-wide (or mother tongue) millennials modets and massive coopetitions

    Open source, open everything models - how genome was open mapped Cambridge Uni

    Mind Changing Searches  YAZMI  W4E   MA KIM    ABED why not join ushongkongjobcreationgamepage1.ppt hongkongjobcreationgamepage1.ppt, 87 KB 










     0  Can we share maps valuing millennials of #2030now?

    #2030now resources search

    launch UN start of 2013-2014 mashable summit - turned into change the world mooc- repeated typically end of each year (currently 2nd performance) - millennials alumni 50000+  Kim Transcripts  Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc


    what open learning campus contents help millennials build #2030now

    what other world bank processes link in (youth summit, tedx, selected world bank live webinars 1 2 3 ...)


    what other dc-millennial world processes partner millennials valuation and 2030now

    what other future capitals processes linkin 2030now (eg Dhaka as first to experiment with mobile partnerships with poorest villages and champion of millennial goal forums starting with microcreditsummit in 1997)  or other back from future goal relate maps of millennial collaboration

    Re: Can we share maps valuing millennials of #2030now?
    Isabella Macrae C4D Enthusiast

    Farmer and Kim's greatest partnership before Kim joined the world bank rebuilt haiti's medical teaching hospital



    x Dad had privilege to interview Paul Farmer at 20th Open Society celebrations Budapest hosted by Soros and celebrating Sir Fazle Abed as the

    3rd world class health servant for the poor


    The opportunities for an open learning campus to trains tens of million community health workers are clearly within reach when you link these sorts of ideas


    1 bangladesh microcredit only scaled since 1972 because village mothers first trusted brac and grameen to sharing urgent health

    knowhow starting with oral rehydration without which one in 5 infants were dying- then in 1996 with funds from soros bangladesh

    was the first to experiment with mobile partnerships of poorest village women: 2 prime time lessons from this 20 year action learning curve are :

    1 health is most urgent open app,  there are several 10 times more economic ways to leapfrog with mobile but each depends on

    understanding a locally missing infrastructure - eg right now solar energy is the most economic way to go for over a billion off grid poorest people


    Getting to the MIrebalais hospital above has taken over 30 years of Farmer commuting between Haiti and Boston


    As people like Larry Brilliant (who ended smallpox and was google.org's first ceo ) predicted, plague prevention in a hyperconnected world

    is a worldwide local investment we all need to make if sustainability is to be millennials inheritance


    The Ethiopian (Noah Samara) who now runs the 5 billion person elearning satellite www,yazmi.com first got into satellites to try to minimise spread of hiv -

    today he would love to know what to put up on preventing ebola


    Village nursing, nutrition, urgent mobile searching is the preferred job of tens if not hundreds of millions of village

    girls - not to design nearly free nursing colleges mixing virtual and real world mentoring is extremely uneconomic and blatantly anti-social to women


    so lets just do it  (or if its not possible say why not)  -tell us where girls health millennials linkin isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com


    JOB CREATING TALES ACROSS CONTINENTS REPORTED BY FRIENDS OF YOUTH CAPITALISM SUMMITS - more valuable for twin future capitals to host than any 20th C world cup or olympics
     EUROPES NEXT EVENT STRASBOURG JAN 2014 http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/conferences/2014/0116-social-entrepreneurs/docs/programme_en.pdf



    08:00 Æ 09:15 Arrival, Registrations, Welcome
    08:45 Æ 09:15 Artistic Entry and Physical Warm-Up
    Two local social enterprises ArtenRéel and Siel Bleu will lead us into the room in a creative way and
    help us to start the day with some energising movements
    09:15 Æ 09:30 Welcome to the Event
    Jacki Davis, Master of Ceremony, and Maria Scordialos, Facilitator, will introduce the Event purpose and
    programme and ways of participating throughout to reach the expected outcomes.
    09:30 Æ 09:45 Welcome to the City
    Senator-Mayor Roland Ries will welcome us in Strasbourg, where social entrepreneurship is particularly alive

    09:45 Æ 10:25 OPENING: How Is Europe creating the conditions for Social Entrepreneurship?
    The Presidents of two European institutions will offer us their perspective on the overall European context
    - José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission
    - Henri Malosse, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

    10:25 Æ 10:45 KEYNOTE SPEECH: Social entrepreneurship in OECD countries, and lessons for the SBI's follow up
    - Marguerite Mendell, Director, Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy and Graduate Program Director,
    School of Community and Public Affairs, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
    10:45 Æ 11:15 Pause
    11:15 Æ 12:15 TAKING STOCK: EU-Level Policies and Concrete Examples of Social Entrepreneurship
    The three European Commissioners coordinating the Social Business Initiative (SBI) will interact with three
    actors of social economy to reflect together on the achievements of the SBI so far and the need to keep
    developing it in the future
    - Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, with Giuseppe Guerini, Presidente
    Federsolidarietà Confcooperative, Member of EESC, member of GECES
    - Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, with Letizia Moratti, President
    San Patrignano Foundation
    - László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, with Olga
    Theodorikakou, B.o.D. Executive Assistant, Head of Projects Programming and Monitoring Implementation
    Units Klimax Plus

    Viewing of a video on Greek women entrepreneurs and the creation of an ‘anti-crisis’ co-operative

    12:15 Æ 12:45 Exploring Key Topics for Growing Social Entrepreneurship in Europe: What's on Offer this
    Tatiana Glad & Lieven Callewaert, facilitators, will explain the choice given in the afternoon, between
    participating in information workshops organised by the EU institutions on key areas, raising topics they care
    for in an Open Space Technology session (an important question, an experience they want to share, help they
    would like to receive, projects they would like to initiate), or visit the Network Hub or the exhibition stands.

    12:45 Æ 14:15 Standing Buffet Lunch
    13:30Æ14:00 Ceremony of ONCE Foundation: 1st European Award for
    Social Entrepreneurship and Disability: Promoting Social Investment
    ONCE Foundation has created this award as a result of 13 years of collaboration with the European Union and
    its own experience in the European Network for CSR and Disability, project co-funded by the European Social
    Fund. Commissioner László Andor will give the award.


    17:45 Æ 18:15 Pause

    18:15 Æ 19:00 Wrap-Up Session: Sharing Some Key Outcomes of our Day:
    - The facilitators and a dedicated team of 'harvesters' will present the key themes, threads, questions,
    challenges, opportunities… which they have gathered so far.
    - Jonathan Bland, Managing Director of Social Business International & Founder of E3M and member of the
    European Commission's Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship (GECES), will share his key reflections on the
    - Finally, Andreas Heinecke, a social entrepreneur (Dialogue in the Dark, Germany), will share his personal
    experience of the day.

    19:00 Æ 20:30 Cocktail & Standing Buffet Dinner

    20:30 Æ 22:00 "Night owl" Session: Stories of social entrepreneurship in Europe
    In this informal session, we will hear personal testimonies and stories of social entrepreneurs in Europe. Guests
    will kick-off the session: Thorkil Sonne (Specialisterne, Denmark), François Goudenove with Marylène
    Charrière (Websourd, France) and Thierry Beaudet (CEO of MGEN, France). The floor will then be open for
    more stories from other parts of Europe.

    FRIDAY 17 JANUARY 2014

    08:00 Æ 09:00 Arrival, Registrations, Welcome
    08:30 Æ 09:00 Artistic Entry and Physical Warm-Up
    ArtenRéel and Siel Bleu will once again lead us into the room in a creative way and help us to start
    the day with some energising movements.

    09:00 Æ 09:15 Welcome to a Day Dedicated to Looking and Moving Forward
    Jacki Davis will welcome us back.

    09:15 Æ 09:45 Social Entrepreneurship in a Member State: France
    France has a Minister dedicated to social economy, which is the testimony of the importance and potential of
    social economy in this Member State.
    - François Hollande, President of the French Republic TBC

    09:45 Æ 10:30 Social Entrepreneurship and the European Co-Legislator: European Parliament and Council
    The President of the European Parliament and the Prime Minister of Greece, holding the Council of the EU as
    from 1st January 2014, will reflect on how both institutions can work in partnership to support social
    entrepreneurship and social economy.
    - Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament
    - Antonis Samaras, Prime Minister of Greece TBC

    10:30 Æ 10:45 Setting the scene for our collective reflection
    Jacki Davis will ask Jonathan Bland to share some of the key challenges identified since the start of the Event in
    order to set the scene for the next step

    10:45 Æ 11:15 Pause


    is khan academy's 60 minutes introduction to coding the most valuable training billions of youth have ever been offered? otherKhan links

    Who's mapping the most valuable collaboration youth networks in the world -here's why 42 years of entrepreneurial revolution surveys lead us to value orbiting around families of Abed and Soros and Turner- whose collaboration with youth's futures do you value most?



    • what would a million youth most wish to see in a 6 weeks mooc guided tour to www.brac.net -if you can help our research please email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  washington dc 1 301 881 1655

    Future of Open Education Curriculum celebrated 1984 out of The Economist after 12 years reporting access to the UK National Development Project in Computer Assisted Learning

    Gordon Dryden 2010: .vision 2020- update of The Economist's Norman Macrae 1984 first vis.....


    Poverty Free World - Social Business - a step forward by Muhammad Yunus


    Paper on The Economics Globalisation almost lost by Andrew Neil of ...BBC


    Adam Smith, Science & Human Nature by Professor Skinner (The Principal of Glasgow University kindly hosted a joint remembrance party to Andrew Skinner and Norman Macrae)



    MY0  MY1  MY2  MY3  MY4  MY5  MY6

    KH1 KH2 KH3 KH4 KH5 



    Youth Job Creation's worst and best news across the Union in 2013


     Best news is from Central European University in Budapest where George Soros launched the campaign to completely rethink Youth Economics



     Worst news European miisters greenwash june 2013- another summit on youth job creation while 99.9% of economics policies run by Brussels EU and the Big Banks are designed to destroy youth juts when we have the most collaboratioe technologies to mobilise productivity

     Discuss how Monica Yunus is becoming the most collaborative youth leader of them all

    x www.singforhope.com  www.monicayunus.com

    ..one of youth's greatest needs:.
    family of projects ultimately changing the value chain of superstars and entertainment to give back to real community projects. Changing mass media's anti-social impacts has been one of dad's 7 biggest transformation of entrepreneurial revolution since 1972 and I have not done well at advancing it even though my professional work is on hi-trust whole-purpose branding
    ON the bright side, a NY friend has calculated that if superstars gave back to youth who don't quite make it to the top of the various sports and entertainment professions but who could facilitate joy in the community then 2 million youth US jobs could easily be afforded- and this is mainly a case of refocusing mass media (and superstars) so they values those who dint make it to the top . There is also the argument that such youth community building is actually the best way to plant peace and cross-cultural joy. The same challenge is relevant to every developed nation with huge arms budgets but next to zero youth-led community peace budgets - this is a hangover from world war 2 - americans didnt have 20% of all their money spent like this before ww2 - nor did brits, French... Although this video reveals the origin of the EU at messina was supposed to resolve this this core issue soon got lost from political service across the continent
    I have been working on this model and mainly failing since 9/11. However there is one practitioner in New York who is making headway within her own area of superstardom and that is Monica Yunus http://www.monicayunus.com/ http://www.singforhope.org/
    Is your diary such that you can get to New York most of the next 6 months if I can get into her diary


    priority notes on videos from billion euro social business relaunch of European Union; SB homepage EU selected microfinance channels - help linkin at blog on who's entrepeneurial revolution who since 1976

    Game 1 - can you identify a win-win-win conversation between

    A The Merkels of Europe- ie those currently with most power over Europe


    B The Jean Monnet of Europe- ie those designing such positive interdependencies across European markets that no nation would be put in such a conflict that another war would start


    C the richest or most famous Greeks celebrated by youth

    Help us mediate content between these 3 sides needed to sustain the productivity of all Europe's youth including Greek youth


    if merkel was invited by the royal families of europe to tea hosted by queen sofia (mother countries spain and greece) and with presence of such sustanability royals as prince charles (solar), duchess of luxembourg (end poverty), what if any win-win-win ideas would merkel share with royals that she doesnt feel able to communicate when interviewed for television broadcast across europe

    Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU1qSQzTN7k is the last video message of the mediator whose 1976 survey of Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist invited networks to transform every biggest 20th C typology (coprporation gov charity media profession academic etc) to value win-win-wins sufficienltly to make the net generation the most productive one for anybody to be born into

    in 1976 the number 2 leader of entrepreneurial revolution dialogues across europe was romano prodi - he should be intervewed for any action suggestions


    if giving greece was to be founded who would play such first comer roles as gates, buffett and fiunder of facebook cliam to play for Giving worldwide

     help assemble entrepreneurial approaches to greece at http://yunuscity.ning.com

    references :

     europe reported fro messina year 1 to 3 http://www.tlemea.com/economist/results-list.asp?mode=BAS&Fuzzy=0&searchtext=messina&searchdate=1956+or+1957+or+1958+or+1959&day=01&month=01&year=1843&today=31&tomonth=12&toyear=2006&respage=0&resperpage=10

     mess1.jpg mess2.jpg

     messina according to wiki

    The Messina Conference was held from 1 to 3 June 1955 at the Italian city of Messina, Sicily. The conference of the Foreign Ministers of the six Member States of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) would lead to the creation of the European Economic Community in 1958. The delegations of the six participating countries were headed by Johan Willem Beyen (Netherlands), Gaetano Martino (Italy), Joseph Bech (Luxembourg), Antoine Pinay (France), Walter Hallstein (Germany), and Paul-Henri Spaak (Belgium). Joseph Bech was chairman of the meeting.

    The Foreign Ministers of the ECSC had to meet in order to nominate a member of the High Authority of the ECSC and to appoint its new President and Vice-Presidents for the period expiring on 10 February 1957. The meeting was held at Messina (and partially in Taormina) at the request of Gaetano Martino, the Italian Foreign Minister, who was detained in Sicily because of the Regional Assembly elections. They appointed René Mayer as President of the High Authority to replace Jean Monnet. The ministers also reappointed the Belgian, Albert Coppé, and the German, Franz Etzel, as Vice-Presidents of the College.

    In addition to the above mentioned agenda, the meeting included consideration of the action programme to relaunch European integration. In August 1954 the plans had collapsed to create a European Political Community and a common defence force, the European Defence Community, as a substitute for the national armies of Germany, France, Italy and the three Benelux countries, when France refused to ratify the Treaty[1]. The six ECSC countries then turned their attention to the idea of a customs union, which was elaborated at Messina. The final resolution of the conference, largely reflecting the point of view of the three Benelux countries, formed the basis for further work to relaunch European integration. The Benelux countries in their BeNeLux memorandum proposed a revival of European integration on the basis of a common market and integration in the transport and atomic energy sectors[2][3].

    At first the name of Paul van Zeeland, former Belgian Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, was mentioned to head the committee which was to work out a proposal. Johan Willem Beyen however proposed Paul-Henri Spaak, who was entrusted, on 18 June, with the production of a report at an Intergovernmental Committee in order to evaluate the option of a sectoral integration or the step-by-step establishment of a European common market. The Spaak Report of the Spaak Committee and the subsequent Intergovernmental Conference on the Common Market and Euratom which was held at the Castle of the Valley of the Duchess would lead to the Treaties of Rome in 1957 and the formation of the European Economic Community and Euratom in 1958.

    priority notes on videos from billion euro social business relaunch of European Union; SB homepage EU selected microfinance channels - help linkin at blog on who's entrepeneurial revolution who since 1976


    1984 Norman Macrae, The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant: For net generation to be sustainble at least 30000 solutions to communities critical problems will need to be hunted out and openly replicated across matched communities. 
    2011 update: good news on this search for extreme social solutions multiplies-  the EU has just shown that microcredit offers at least 360 of these solutions - 6 types of microcredit are most commonly talked about; times 10 regionally different crises of macroeconomics that need resolving first; times 6 types of interface that are most relevant for places' investors in youth to sustain economical flows between between credit and:

    education including smart media



    agricultures - water, food

    egovernment and hi-trust profession

    micro-technolgy intervention in ending who has what data 

    rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you would like more notes on these microcredit maps shared by 200 delegates at EU summit  2 December 2011 Brussels


    Why do unacknowledged giants of entrepreneurial revolution conclude that MicroCredit's most critical blackspots in the job hungry world of the 2010s connect round

    1. loans
    2. savings
    3. ownership structure
    4. markets the microcredit accesses for its members
    5. the knowledge it helps its members hub?
    6. mcharters7.jpg.

    new week nov28=dec2 join the microcreditsummit race to stop youth unemployment going over50% all over europe
    conference speakers include
    Maria Nowak www.adie.org
    Emmanuel de Lutzel BNP Paribas and moderator French leadership meet at microcredisummit
    Visnovsky, Autorite de Control Prudentiel
    Garcia Pintos- Head CSR, Confederation of Spanish savings banks
    Danes, Microbank- La Caixa
    Rahman, Fair Finance
    Dayson, Community Finance Solutions, University of Salford (a region at centre of cooperative movement history)
    Galusek Director Microfinance Centre http://www.mfc.org.pl/ pivotal durin polands chair of EU and because polands bankig system didnt catch subprime virus
    Boni Minister and senior adviser to Prime Minister of Poland
    Maresca Director General , Minsitry of Economics and Finance
    Capone, Regulatory Dept Bank of Italy
    Ferretti, PerMicro http://www.permicro.it/
    Zientz GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
    Luxembourg Branch of EU
    Schlubin European Investment Fund -Europe's developer of risk financing for entrepreneurship and innovation
    Seale, ALFI www.alfi.lu
    Brussels EU and Belgium
    Malosse President EESC http://www.eesc.europa.eu/ a bridge between europe and organsied civil society
    Nava, Scholler, EU DG for internal market and financial regulation (this DG is also centre of EU's Social Business Summit)
    Doiciu. Molenaar, European Microfinance Network http://www.european-microfinance.org/
    Delvaux, DG Regional Policy

    .Microeconomics Special Issue of Journal of Social Business- Bangladesh Microcredit as three-in-one free market intervention (1) : bank*community market*knowledge network.


    "Microfranchise" where microcredit invents franchise and microcredit loan sets up thousands of franchisees

    Value chain intervention - where microcredit helps quality producers reclaim their share of the value- mobile technology is offering many opportunities to do this

    Student entrepreneur competitions- these converge student energy, local pride and educators' resources linking progress of knowledge into iterative entrepreneurial development needed for many most pressing social solution. The value multiplying opportunity is to celebrate this becoming a commons franchsise many universities and www social business media can help replicate. This networking can scale joyfully fast if those in public service want to fund big society movement, ie where communities increasingly take back the context and emotional intelligences of how social services are energised.

    In Norman Macrae's 1984 sequel to Orwell, it was suggested that media like the BBC would need to help worldwide youth generate 30000 such franchises if the global economy was not to collapse in 2010s http://www.normanmacrae.com/netfuture.html This Future Capitalism purpose of public broadcast media could never be more economically launvched than round London's Sustainability  Olympics.

    Industries  - eg solar, waste - whose natural system designs involve up=micro grassroots netwoks not top-down conglomerates

    Renewing unique qualities of local crafts and regional pride - especially when linked in to makers faires (Africa, America)  being annual expo celebrations of artisan knowhow

    (1) 2008 at St James lunch launching Yunus Social Business Methodology, The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant wrote this article on the importance of Noble Laureate in freeing media celebrations of the most exciting social solutions youth can network round.

    See also videos of two thirds of US congress demanding to hear from genius pro-youth economist at www.grameeneconomics.com  : .. nov 2011 honorary degree for Yunus at London School of Economics: text of oration ...

    - please send other links to yunus influence on economics to chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk .. Norman Macrae Family Foundation (project www.yclub100.com  also seeks advice on mapping 100 leaders most identified with 2010s as youths most productive decade

    Do no evil according to Keynes General Theory. The world will increasingly be ruled only by economics:preventing  that compound risk is what youth - and sustainable global villages -must  relentlessly,openly and caringly network around about

    download IMPORTANCE -Penultimate article of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant on what Adam Smith economists meed to learn from yunus to stop 2010s being decade of quintuple dip recession

    current most urgent search - tell us informed opinions of http://english.creditease.cn    - hotline wash dc 1 301 881 1655 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 
    Nov 2011: its now known that there will be no Euro Union without hi-trust Entrepreneurial Union - next official meetings: 2 December Brussels Microcredit ; next informal meeeting - the editors and publishers of the journal of new economics (rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk) invite your nominations of next meetings

    From Foundation of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant

    To The World Top 2 ER Institutes, Friends & Peer Networks

    Brussels, Nov 18 the EU (inlcuding 800 citizens , the president jose manuel barroso, 3 directorates' commisioners, civill society ministers from many countries) announced a competition what 100 entrepreneurial franchises could if openly replicated most put youth back to work and start solving societies; most critical service needs. UK minister NIck Hurd went further: at this historic time only youth and entrepreneurs whose networking can turn the greatest social solutions into sustainable
    business models can save the EU now. 
    For example the danish minister nominated The Specialists http://specialisterne.com/ a network designed to find 1 million jobs for those with autism, a network I know to be close to many of the sorcerers and apprentices at MIT media lab, and also mentioned in steve jobs biography as best yet app of tablets/ipads (denmark now takes over as chair of europe for next 12 months following up Poland's deep support of youth)
    As usual at capital hills, nobody yet has a simple idea on how to accelerate this competition transparently
    so may I cheekily ask would you be prepared to host a transatlatic conference call if we get some of nick hurd's fellow minsters on the line at the same time where everyone exchanges nominations on the other 99 ideas to start a league table of 100 solutions that could regenerate youth economy all over Europe

    .Top 100 ER Nominations to save Union: format link nominated net & INfo : nominee

    SP  IN :DE1

    YY  IN :ww1 

    BS IN : UK1

    DC IN : FR1 

    index to country nominees

    ?share world's best news: Dec 2011:

    $1sneakers and other incredibly affordable social products ,,, LSE Doctorate for Yunus


    PovertyMuseums.com - help map youth empowering networks with economical solutions to the most exciting human race

    Help co-edit the book celebrating the world's 2 most optimistic microeconomists


    Maps Coming From Adam Smith’s DreamLand Going to?..

    What we see in Bangladesh is the emergence of multi-win models that truly realise Adam Smith’s dream of (entrepreneurial economics) system for investing in next generation’s productivity out of every community

    First Consider productivity inputs to a free  market's exchnage of productivities and demands

    *P1: Grameen and BRAC are designed round investing in peoples productive and lifelong learning curves

    :*P2: They  multiply  value of group productivity such as Grameen ‘s teams of 5, or hubs of 60

    *P3 They are empowered by intrapreneurial leaders whose behaviours mimic the writings of The Economist’s Unacknowledged Giant in every way that knowledge networking leaders need to be different from the age of bossy masters of administration

    *P4: Society’s resources are also maximized because that’s in the intergenerational culture of these organisations’ race to end poverty as specified by village mothers

    more at valuetrue.com






    Time for Entrepreneurial Revolution at BBC 

    13:12 Nov 25 2011 aldwych, london

    One of Europe's few best chances out of the global financial tsunami caused by wall street is the bbc. This is the number 1 people owned broadcaster- the largest continuous social investment made by peoples anywhere. If interested in helping make the case to free the BBC: ask for our 2004 presentation to 1000 Gandhians at the Indira Gandhi National Cultural centre on this topic, or the meeting notes of our 7 year collaboration entrepreneur competition to change the BBC hosted at Islingon brand of the-hub.net

    Historically The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant reports that the BBC has been muzzled by politicians and Rupert Murdoch from fulfiling its number 1 purpose- making it exciting to search out heroes with social solutions that every community needs to replicate if the 2010s is to be youths most productive decade

    Ideas always welcome on how to get the BBC to embrace Entrepreneurial Revolution. Now that the president of the european union has declared this search europe's last chnace, will the BBC sing a new song

    idea 1 do enough youth 1000 jobs brainstorming sessions in the UK before the olympics so that people starting asking companies that blithely spend a billion dollars on ads around the olympics if they are really friends of youth if they can't find a ten thousandath of that to sponsor a youth jobs creation competition - and then the bbc can do the most joyful documentaries what becoming a superstar of job brainstorming can lead to -donald trump apprentices need not apply!!

    This site  The Web 

    Do you share view of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giants (1, 2) that purpose of economics is to invest in your youth's and every youth's productive lives out of every community ... then here's why 11 November 18 goes down as most exciting day known to me in worldwide entrepreneurial history (rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to add nominations to The Economist's Unacknowledge Giant worldwide history of Entrepreneurial Revolution)

    1.0 EU : 18 Nov 2011 Terminology from this date on:  EU stands for Entrepreneurial Union as well as European Union 


    1.1 UK Minister Nick Hurd  declares this moment in history-  along with gov civil society leaders from Poland, Denmark (current and next EU chair), head of EU commission and 3 directorates, most of 1800 delegates to EU summit on entrepreneurship directing solutions which society most urgently needs sustaining through community networking and opening up of best practice service franchises. 

    2 Who’s putting money and process into this

    EU declared first billion euros was being mobilised to invest in most purposeful organsiational heroes and open franchising of solutions to peoples greatest needs; UK "Big Society Bank" has already assembled 600 million euros through dormant bank account model. Also something called social impact bounds are being designed with expectation of multiplying value of any youth-productivity fund by at least 4 fold


    3 Why should peoples trust this collaboration movement beyond boundaries?

    It is driven by empowering community sustainability as an opposite way round process from the way global finance has caused conflicts both in keeping union together and in spreading credit crises among those who had least to do with errors like sub-prime and getting Greeced.


    3.1 This movement wished to develop measures of trust-flow. Transparency mapping, and sustainable impacts of an exponential nature by which it is judges as are all associate network movements


    4 Whose experiences/missions might first be pooled


    4.1 EU commissioner    (could be worth recontacting Romano Prodi as he joined The Economist as pioneer uniting Entrepreneurial Revolution networks since 1976 and would where Europe or Unions DNA in this field can be connected)


    4.2 Bangladesh- Yunus cheered by all for inspiration ( some of his most relevant associate networks _ youth 1000 job brainstorming format (origin state wide Georgia USA); national catalogue of social business ventures- lead format France’s Danonecommunities in association with Martin Hirsch in government and HEC as Sarkoky’s nomination of business school tracking movement. France also leads Europe with microcredit experiences for job creation – physical network adie , virtual network babyloan second to kiva


    4.3 Spain – Queen Sofia has hosted microcredit banking movement for 17 years


    4.4 UK – Sir Cohen has led work on social impact bonds and other constructs core to big society’s bank half billion plus euro forum



    Trans-continental – would recommend Intel and MIT as 2 greatest explorers of how to create jobs with technology applies to life critical social needs


    5 Lets end misunderstanding that Micro-Entrepreneurship is small- it can be replicated openly as much as it either best serves a social demand or unites an underemployed group


    eg 5.1 Denmark has started The Specialist that aims to unite unique working skills (attention to programming detail)  of 1 million people with autism


    6.0 Next summits

    EU microcredit summit 2 December


    please RSVP to help list 4.6 and 5.2 and 6.1 on


    Did you participate at EU's Brussels Social Business Summit on 18 November 2011? - please email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you would like your web link listed here in support of this entrepreneurial moment in history

    List 1 Attending Supporters of EU

    Chris Macrae 

    List 2 Absentia Supporters of EU

    List 3 Hosts of other networks who support this turning point in EU or worldwide history of pro=youth productivity.

    Tour of EU - Entrepreneurial Union
















    Calendar of most inspiring entrepreneurial union stories

    November 2011

     case/goal of 1 million job network around autism http://specialisterne.com/ -  minister for business and growth OLE SOHN rightly proud of this; denmark takes the EU chair over from poland and mentions it has strongest corporate responsibility reporting requirements in europe-

    whole foods supermarket leaps ahead in integrating microcredit celebration into its operating business- now selling at all its usa shopping aisles 2012 calendar of microcredit

    .Help Norman Macrae Family Foundation linkin investors in pro-youth social innovation

    • 1 youth 1000 job brainstorms: 1 2
    • 2 artists peace corps
    • 3 national portal cataloguing all collaborative social business
    • 4 Not Our News of The World- what would need to happen to BBC to be number 1 in celebrating SB good news media ... youth would need to know that job creation summits cost less than 1 sceod of superbowl ad to sponsor ... and more










    Monday, December 5, 2011

    One of the truly great ygeneration movements which I first learnt about at an MIT conference of hundreds of economic exchanges to mobilise; it can twin with all microeconomics value chain analysis aimed at helping make 2010s youth's most ptoductive decade http://www.yclub100.com  and oh girl - does europe need to start planting the maker faire movement if the eu strategy to replicate the greatest social solutions IT can search for is to be realissed http://entrepreneurialunion.com
    2:27 pm est 

    Monday, November 28, 2011

    Sir Ronald Cohen
    Chairman, The Portland Trust and Bridges Ventures
    Director of Social Finance UKUS | Full bio >>  Apax  Big Society Capital

    video of lecture Monday, April 4, 2011 at 5 pm in the MIT Sloan School, E62-276. The lecture was open to the general public free of charge.


    Cohen in The Economist - 2002 Social Investment   2005 Sir Ronald at 60

    4:09 pm est 

    Dear ...


    Assuming my transatlantic flight arrives near its eta, I can pass by victoria any time between 9am and midday this thursday -

    I am trying to edit a microenergy section of a european yearbook 2012 of links to networks actioning social business and my father's micro-entrepreneur-centric economics


    is there anyone I could see at ashden for 15 minutes to see if there are entries I dont have information on


    - why european yearbook, because brussels (EU president and 3 directorates, moved by sir ronald cohen and hurd's mobilisation of dormant accounts and social impact bond) have suddenly decided its future depends on microeconomics and empowering youth to replicate economical social solutions across communities; and london (and BBC journalists) needs a travel guide to what else youth can celebrate than the olympics


    why energy= at least one in six of youth1000 brainstorm solutions are energy related- nearer one third if you integrate waste entrepreneurship - the focus of 2011/12 mit yunus prize


    if we look at my fathers last entrepreneurial revolution article written xmas 2008 as distributed at Economist remembrance party this is euros last chance as a union; which is why I am shuttling between dc and eu microsummits, and trying to diarise the real micro bits of what goes down in brussels


    moreover romano prodi was dads main translator when he started entrepreneurial revoution genre in 1976- but he didnt know how to get the eu to walk the talk; now at its last hour only ER can save EU - indeed a reading of the 1943 centenary biography of The Economist makes it transparent that only ER can save inter-generation trust in economics as indeed was the oath keynes required his final alumni like dad to swear to



    12:39 pm est 

    Friday, November 25, 2011

    selected highlights of eu videos  launching billion euro quest for replicating societies' greatest solutions and job creation organsiations

    video 16 Sir Ronald Cohen, Co-founder and Chair of Bridges Ventures and Chair of Big Society CapitalLtd (UK), treasury social investment taskforce: lets transform how UK's 100 Billion charity assets are designed; lets access half a billion pounds from dormant bank accounts to invest in youth job creation; lets compound what works with social impact bonds 

    8:23 am est 

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    Index to country nominees of top 100 entrepreneurial revolution nets to save union and youth's productivity

    DE1 - Danish Minister (Business & Growth) Ole Sohn - Denmark follows Poland in Chairing EU; its companies lead world in responsibility reporting - rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to add what else Denmarks uniquely brings to EU quest for jobs

    UK1 = Sir Ronald Cohen founder of Big Society Capital - half billion euro UK fund which provides lead model for Europe to invest billions of euros in youths most productive organisations matching priority social needs if EU is to be saved - his video is number 16

    FR1= Franck Riboud : Good to see that the nation that gave the world the word entrepreneur c.1800 also co-created the most socially valueable entrepreneurial brand architecture with Muhammad Yunus. First thanks go to Franck Riboud represented at EU summit by Emmanuel 2  - DanoneCommunities is the portal that has made Paris the world's number 1"Social Business Capital" (Dr Yunus). The idea that the world's most resourced organisations might want to partner with replicating communities' most urgently needed solutions emerged from a lunch between Yunus and Riboud in 2005. Actually the lunch also represented the fulfilment of 20 years of entrepreneurial purpose by Emmanuel 1 (of Danone, and first job Mother Theresa's) and Benedict F-T (of HEC and first job a Peruvian microcredit). If you want a personal tour to the funds and characters of paris as world's number 1 SB capital - always delighted to swap info - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

    ww1 = worldwide number 1 Entrepreneurial Revolutionary and Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus- in the developed world his greatest contribution may yet be putting youth back on track to making 2010s most productive decade by hosting YunusYouth1000 job brainstorming sessions pioneered by 45 colleges across state of Georgia in 2011 and now ready for replication anywhere multiple university principals want to empower their regions university system to help youth be most productive - questions on directions to main practioners of this franchsie welcomed chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - yunus provides 90 second description of youth1000 brainstorm in video 11 questiona and answers at minute 17 secs 30 ; you can see yunus general keynote speech at video 4

    7:59 am est 

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    where do europeans collaborate around best microcredit practices 5:06 pm est 

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    connecting innovations across summits
    suggested links between queen sofia's spanish summit and EU commissioners Brussels summit

    1 make some short pdf's - the first is of page 140 and 141 of the special issue given to 1800 delegates of Queen Sofia's summit celebrating 15 years of microcreditsummit- why because the question in Brussels  I put from the floor of the 800 person EU summit to Yunus matched these 2 pages on how does the youth 1000 job brainstorming format that is is being testing across the states of USA work?- you could have heard a pin drop as the audience listened to his reply; the eu is up for one master directory web cataloguing every idea youth job create as the atlanta youth 1000 brainstorm goes on its yunusworld tour

    2 ref Nadia Calvino who works for M Barnier EU:   I also gave the main assistant of the host - the commisioner of internal market - a whole copy of the special MCS issue as Nadia was announcing the eu's convening of a microcreditsummit on 2 december

    3 It turns out that not one person I could find from sam's or other usa microcredit organsiations are advising eu on microcreditsummits in europe - the french and the polish are about 4 years into this

    4 when my father first met dr yunus he saw that dr yunus' greatest innovations for developed countries were changing badwill economics and changing image-led media; in Brusels I reiterated to Nicholas Hurd UK minister of civil society that this is what 50 people (including many potential shareholder activists of The Economist as well as your 5 scottish fans of yunus, estele, chris temple, peter ryan,...) celebrated at The Economist boardroom on Nov 2010

    instead of doing this,  us microcreditsummit organsiers over last 15 years have accidentally  played within the rules of badwill economics, greed politics and evil media to make yunus as famous as possible (making gap between end to end reality solutions and image-making ever greater)- I clarifyied  this crisis at the french convergences session in spain ; the paris charter for real microcredit is what yunus developed world friends need to urgetly sign now especially as obama is completely out of job creation doing during the next 15 months of us politicing; euro banking must be saved now precisely because no us economist exists to intervene in wall street

    what is a bit sad if you want to celebrate what bangladesh first 40 years contributed to worldwide youth is none of those who agent yunus, abed or iqbal quadir will dare be first to tell these 3 people to resolve theor differences for the greater good of arab spring, bangaldeshi winter, worldwide global meltdown-

    ever since announcement that yunus will testify in US congress http://www.grameeneconomics.com , I have suggested to every american agent of yunus that they set up the missing consultancy of microeconomics and goodwill media but all have looked at me as if my father and my work is valueless- that is america's social problem now not Europe's; fortunately anyone who knows how the eu was founded knows that it is french *entrepreneurial revolution spirit) not german (righteousness) led so its time for yunus paris supportrers to reform the eu as well as B20ing and EG8ing the future's corporate ersponsibilities of helping developing nations as per HEC's ;ast sustainability of global yunus luncheon of 2005

    chris www.entrepreneurialunion.com  

    the second thing is to relay this mail on to any of your contacts in Bolognia; unless any of them feel they know how to chat to romano prodi I guess I will have to phone him with a question he cant refuse- now that the european union has declared it has no future unless it searches out which entrepremnurs have the most amazing social businesses will he or will he not write part2 of entrepreneurial revolution (which he worked on in 1976 with dad) so as to launch the journal of new economics as the missing house journal of the eu's reformation and nick Hurd's historic moment of big society banks mobilising dormant accpoints as investments in youths milennium gpoals across europe

    8:53 am est 

    2011.12.01 | 2011.11.01

    Link to web log's RSS file

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    ERworld.tv Help celebrate wall of fame -people who have spent over thrird of a century linkedin to Entrepreneuriual Revolution. Chat at Facebook's original social businessgroup- what good news should be top ranked at socialbusiness.tv  

    Who's EU Social Business Summit who - version 1 notes from 18 nov 2011 promoting European Social Entrepreurship - convened by M Barnier commisioner of internal market with 2 other directorates ( Laszio Andor Employment , Social Affairs & Inclusion and Heinz Zourek, Enterprise & Industry)- endorsed in keynote by Presient of European Commision Jose Manuel Barroso with inspiration speech on designing most purposeful organisations in world and matching most urgent life critical demands by Dr Yunus 

    Nadia Calvino who works for M Barnier EU commisioner for internal market (including financial markets and regulation) announced Brussels Microcreditsummit on 2 Dec: this is a bookmark



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